Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016


If you’re struggling to find the right presents this winter season for Christmas or New Year 2017, don’t despair. Only sociopaths find gift-giving a breeze. In this article we will help you with some Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016. For the rest of us in the known universe, the giving isn’t always easy. So to help you in the pursuit of gifting happiness, here are a few small tips.

Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016

1 . Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016

Have you seen the crazy present spreads in your Saturday paper lift outs yet? You know the ones. Where some maddeningly wealthy minor celebrity gives you a list of all the luxe prezzies he’s going to dole out to his nearest and dearest on Jesus’ birthday.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that those $350 bookends or that $1200 gourmet hamper would do the trick if only you had more money than sense. When you have real limits, your creativity actually increases.

You’re much more likely to come up with something wonderful when you’ve got a $20 limit for the office Kris Kringle, because it disables the kind of paralysis that can hit you when you have endless choices.

If you think back to great meals you’ve cooked, fetching outfits you’ve put together or decisions that have changed your life for the better, often they’ve been cooked up in a cauldron of not so much choice. Limits also protect you from resentment, a real relationship killer, and they help you make connections with people that are truly mutual, instead of based on the need to impress.

So set your spending limit to affordable and your shopping time and place to survivable and watch some present magic happen.

2. Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016

Do you ever regret not buying those little gifts you saw and knew were perfect for someone but you thought “not now it’s only April?”

I certainly do. I wish I’d bought the vagina soap called Katherine from the Museum of Old and New Art gift shop on my last trip to Hobart. I’d have the perfect gift for a friend right now if I’d just learnt this timely lesson from my grandmother.

Buying gifts when you see them, and then putting them away until the time is right is one of the keys to giving a good gift.

You can’t expect to summon the fairies of present inspiration all at once; you have to listen to their little messages the moment they’re sent to you. So find a special place for your inspired purchases and make gift hunting an all year round pleasure.

Just remember that if you’re over 45, you might want to make a small note of where you kept them, just in case like me, your memory holds information like an old sock holds water.

3. Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016

One year in my miserable teens, my second cousin twice removed gave me a handbag of outrageous hideousness. It was three shades of patent metallic, with an abominable little chain handle.

At the time, I was in my Cure phase, all in black, my hair held up with craft glue.

I could not imagine how she could have purchased this bag thinking of me, or how I would justify owning such a monstrosity to Robert Smith.

After opening it, like a proper Western teenager, I managed to be simultaneously incensed and gloomy.

Then I read the card. Inside she’d said something so lovely, that I felt completely different about her revolting handbag. She’d written that this was the wildest bag she could find, for the wildest girl she knew. It was the 80s after all.

I never let the bag out into the light of day, but it’s still up the back of my closet to remind me of her. In short, dear reader, it was a great gift.

Don’t ever forget that it’s not the present that needs to be perfect. No one has ever sat on the couch in my office complaining about their presents. A gift is just a symbol. If you can let your giftee know what your symbol means, then you can make sure your message gets heard loud and clear. So don’t ever, ever, neglect the card.

4. Tips to Buy Gifts or Presents This Christmas 2016

“Use your head for more than a hat rack,” was one of my mother’s favourite sayings. In the case of buying a lovely gift, your brain is your best friend, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Take some time out to think about each person you’re gifting. It doesn’t have to be an hour’s deep contemplation, just a few minutes will do.

Try thinking not so much about what they want, but about your memories of them, things you did together and the experiences you know they’ve loved.

Don’t do it while you’re in the biggest mall in the southern hemisphere, do it when you’re on your own somewhere quiet. Set an intention to really enter your loved one’s world, and you can turn the creative idea generating part of your mind towards an empathetic connection that will lead you to more inspired gift choices.

So go forth on your present hunt or making spree with clear limits, a switched on brain and an open heart, and let gift giving be the pleasure it was always meant to be.

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