Sweetest Ways To Propose Your Valentine – How To Propose A Girl This Propose Day 2016

candle light dinner proposal

So you have been waiting to pour your heart out to your special someone? Today is the perfect day to do it! Propose day is the second day of the Valentine’s Week. Propose Day is being celebrated on February 8, and it is definitely the right day to propose to your dream girl or dream guy. We will help you to woo your special someone with different romantic gestures on Propose Day.

Don’t worry, go ahead and makes this day more special with a memorable gesture by proposing to your partner.Today is the perfect day to say ‘I Love You’ to him or her. If you are not sure how to go about with your proposal, we will help you with some of the most romantic ways to say ’I Love You’ to him or her and she will surely get a positive response from your partner!

Candle Light Dinner – Sweetest Ways To Propose Your Valentine

candle light dinner proposal

Who doesn’t love a wine and dine session! A romantic candle light dinner is the best thing that you can plan on Propose Day. You can make it special in your own way and propose to your partner gazing into his or her eyes. Make reservations and plan a romantic evening.

Romantic Picnic – Sweetest Ways To Propose Your Valentine

romantic picnic proposal

Don’t do anything regular, go away to some nice place for a one-day picnic. It could be a theme park or his or her  favourite romantic resort. Whenever your partner is least expecting it, pop the question. Trust me it will be the best way to propose today  your special someone.

Write a Poem – Sweetest Ways To Propose Your Valentine


writing poem proposal

You don’t really have to be a creative writer, jot down anything heartfelt and share it with your partner. Write down a letter or a poem send it across to your loved one with a bouquet of flowers. Steer clear of texts and mails, a good old handwritten note is all it takes to win your love!

Propose in Public – Sweetest Ways To Propose Your Valentine

proposing in public

So you want to do something peculiar? If you are not the shy one, think about pulling off a public proposal on this Propose day. Take your partner to his or her favourite place, spend some quality time. Pre -plan the whole public proposal, include other people ,some music and other people’s involvement. Finally get down on your knee and propose to your partner.