iPhone 8 New Curved Screen Rumors Update


iPhone 8 New Curved Screen Rumors Update: The next generation of iPhones could sport a hi-tech curved screen, according to rumours. Tech giant Apple is believed to be giving the new iPhone 8 a curved OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display to replace its current LED screens.

OLED screens allow for deeper blacks and better colours, as well as having better power efficiency and allowing for thinner handsets. The rumours is the latest around the new phone, which is also expected to have wireless charging and take ultra-HD photos.

The speculation has intensified after component suppliers were said to be stockpiling OLED parts. The move would see Apple’s display technology catching up with competitors such as Samsung, which already use AMOLED panels.

The main difference between LED and OLED is that the latter’s pixels are self illuminating, whereas the LEDs light an LCD display. According to Extremetech, reports point to Interflex, BH, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics as suppliers of the components, which will be used by Samsung Display to manufacture the panels used in the iPhone 8.

The South Korean firm’s panels have much higher maximum brightness, and richer more accurate colours than LED screens as well as faster refresh rates. And the screens also reduce the thickness of the device, with some speculating that Apple could bring back a headphone jack after its controversial decision to remove it from the iPhone 7.

Samsung has already used curved screens on its devices including on the Galaxy Note 7 before a production fault led to a worldwide recall. The company has reportedly seen much higher sales of the curved version of its Galaxy S phones.

But while there is no functional reason for a curved screen, Samsung’s models have had problems with palm rejection and phantom touches. The iPhone 8 may also have a fingerprint reader and home button embedded in the display itself. More information is expected to become available mid next year as test devices are created ahead of a launch, believed to be in late 2017.

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