Google’s Toilet Locator Will Solve India’s Sanitation Problems


Google’s Toilet Locator Will Solve India’s Sanitation Problems: Even as India is making strides on the global stage, lack of proper sanitation facilities for all citizens remains an unfortunate reality of the country. But a little help from Google may soon be able to change that.

According to a report from International Business Times, India’s Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) is in talks with Google for launching a ‘Toilet Locator’ tool. As the name pretty much gives away, Google’s Toilet Locator will help people find a clean toilet nearby them in major cities and towns across India.

The facility, available through Google Maps, will be run as a pilot project in the National Capital Region (NCR) sometime between November 16 to November 30, the report claims. It’s the same time period which the MoUD will be celebrating as ‘Swachhata Pakhwada,’ or Cleanliness Fortnight.

The International Business Times report quoted an unnamed MoUD official, saying that the initiative will not only include public restrooms and ‘Sulabh Shauchalayas,’ but also public places in metro stations, malls, petrol pumps and hospitals. It’s also mentioned that the process of integrating list of toilets with Google Maps is almost over and the feature would be out within the fortnight.

According to the aforementioned official, a user would first need to open Google Maps and then search for toilets near them. “A variety of keywords can be used, such as toilet, lavatory, swach, swachhata, sulabh or shauchalaya, and Google will point them to the nearest toilets”, said the official. This ‘search’ would be in nature to those performed while searching for restaurants and theatres.
The official further claimed that although there is no plan for a country-wide roll out as of now, ‘mechanisms are currently in place or the facility to be scaled up, and for it to reach all the 2,041 urban local bodies (ULBs) of the country’.
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