Fawad Khan Clears His Stand But Still Taking Name of Pakistan Before India



Fawad Khan recently clears his stand about the Indo-Pak in a very dramatic way using the name of peace and saying that he and his wife are expecting a baby. But still he takes name of Pakistan before India in terms of support. Have a look below about his statement.

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan found himself on the receiving end of a political backlash , post the recent Uri attacks. The ongoing tension between the India-Pakistan governments also lead to the ban of Pakistani artists working in the film industry. Apart from all the bad blood being spilt, Fawad Khan’s name has indefinitely cropped up whether it is condemning the attacks or sneaking out of India amidst all the drama.

On Friday, the actor, who has been accused of speaking against the Bollywood film industry and India at large, broke his silence and cleared his stance on the same.

He issued an official statement on his social networking site saying, “I’ve been in Lahore since July as my wife and I had been expecting our second child.

I’ve received numerous requests from the media and from well wishers worldwide asking me for my thoughts on the sad incidents that took place in the past few weeks. As a father of two little children, I pray and wish like many others that together we can build and live in a more peaceful world. I believe we owe it to our children who will shape our tomorrow.

This is the first time I have spoken on the matter. Please disregard any other words attributed to me during this time because I have not said them. I thank all my fans and fellow artists from Pakistan, India and people in general all over the world who have shown continued support for their belief in love and understanding to unite a divisive world.”

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