Extreme Cold Warnings in Canada, Polar Vortex Raging

Extreme Cold Warnings in Canada, Polar Vortex Ragging
Extreme Cold Warnings in Canada, Polar Vortex Ragging

Extreme Cold Warnings in Canada, Polar Vortex Raging : Wicked winter weather is still gripping Canada, despite it not officially being winter until Wednesday. High winds, freezing rain, snowfall and extreme cold warnings remain in place for many parts of the country.

On Sunday, Environment Canada issued weather warnings in almost every province across Canada. Extreme cold alerts are in effect in Manitoba, parts of Quebec and northern Ontario. A person makes their way across King Street as snow flies through the air during a squall in downtown Toronto’s financial district, on Thursday, December 15, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graeme Roy

It will feel like its below minus 40 with the wind chill in Manitoba and parts of Quebec. It will also feel like minus 35 in parts of Ontario Sunday. According to Environment Canada, a warm front will bring an extended period of freezing rain to most of New Brunswick Sunday. This will result in “potentially treacherous driving conditions.”

There are also freezing rain warnings in parts of Quebec. Meanwhile, more snow is expected in the Metro Vancouver area, along with other parts of B.C. Environment Canada is predicting between 20 and 30 cm of snow, which is expected to turn into rain early Monday morning.

There are snow squall warnings in parts of southern Ontario, as snow squalls, which developed over Georgian Bay Sunday morning, are intensifying and moving inland.

Strong winds are expected to develop in Newfoundland Sunday evening with gusts up to 100 km/h.

There is also a wind warning in effect for the south-west of Alberta with gusts reaching up to 110 km/h.

Nova Scotia is expected to get heavy rain. Rainfall amounts of 20 to 35 millimetres are forecasted for regions along the Bay of Fundy. According to Environment Canada, localized flooding may happen in low-lying areas because the ground is frozen and can’t absorb the rain.

Meanwhile, Saskatchewan is finally seeing some reprieve after the province’s extreme cold warning ended Sunday. And that trend seems to be continuing. According to Environment Canada, there will be milder temperatures across the country by mid-week.
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