Coleco Chameleon Retro VGS Design Wallpapers & Specifications

Coleco Chameleon Retro VGS Wallpapers (8)

Coleco Chameleon Retro VGS  Design

RETRO VGS is the first new video game system to play new games from cartridges in nearly twenty years.

RETRO VGS games start quickly and are thoroughly tested before they are released, so you never need to download and apply software patches. Unlike downloadable games, cartridge games are stored on their own media and can be collected, traded, and resold.

The design of the cartridges is aimed at capitalising on the flexibility of the platform; they literally program the FPGA the instant it is turned out meaning each game can be design to the hardware configuration that benefits it the most. This aspect of it could make the product very appealing not only to developers but to the hacker community. There has even been mention of selling emulator/adapter cartridges to allow old console games to be plugged directly into the system.

Coleco Chameleon Retro VGS  Specifications

The console will have custom USB game controllers that use the familiar combination of twin sticks, directional pad, buttons and triggers. In additional, for players wanting a more “old school” experience, 9 pin “D” connectors are also there which can support Atari joysticks, Sega Genesis/Megadrive controllers and anything else of the era that supported the standard.

Coleco is working alongside Retro Video Game Systems to get this done. Retro President Mike Kennedy offers that “the Coleco Chameleon is a love-letter to all the classic cartridge based gaming systems that came before it.

Coleco Chameleon Retro VGS  Wallpapers

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