App For Finding Nearest ATMs with Cash on Android


App For Finding Nearest ATMs with Cash on Android: Indian government’s recent decision to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes as legal tender has left citizens scrambling to banks and ATMs to withdraw currency. Ever since the decision came into effect, long queues before ATM kiosks have become a common sight.
However, there are many who despite standing in long queues have not been able to withdraw cash. One reason for this is the fact that finding a nearby ATM that has enough cash has become a challenge in itself. No need to worry though, as there are several apps that help you find ATMs with cash nearby. One such app is Walnut. The popular money manager cum expense tracker app has gotten a new update. The update now allows you to find nearby ATMs that have ample cash to be withdrawn.

Not just that, the updated app can try to provide information regarding the length of the queues at the ATM kiosks. It will even report the time a particular ATM kiosk was last active.

App For Finding Nearest ATMs with Cash on Android

The app uses colour-coded pins to indicate the activity status of nearby ATMs. A Green coloured pin indicates an ATM that is currently active, while an Orange coloured pin signifies an ATM that was recently active. Similarly, a Grey coloured pin means an ATM that has been active in the last few days.

Walnut also lets you help your friends and other people by sharing the location and queue status of a working ATM kiosk. Every time you visit a working ATM and successfully withdraw cash, the app sends a push notification to indicate the queue status at the ATM. It’s also possible to share this information over social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

For those unaware, Walnut’s other features include intuitive visualizations and smart insights on expenses, bill-splitting, payment of credit card bills and more.

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