A Bra That Actually Charges Phone Battery – WTF?

bra that can charge mobile battery (2)

With time, technology has advanced and you will not imagine to what extent. With increasing use of cell phones, it has now become important to have phone charges in every place possible. Well, that’s why even portable chargers were introduced, so that people could carry it with them to any corner, in order to not lose connectivity from the outer world.

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But scientists have now found an interesting way to not let humans be away from their phones. Especially the ladies.

Lingerie brand Triumph International, from Japan, has discovered a ‘solar powered bra’ that can charge a phone or an iPod. This bra can generate enough power to charge your phone or even an iPod.

bra that can charge mobile battery (2)

The bra has been designed in a way that it is environmentally friendly and can provide the comfort of wearing a normal lingerie piece. This green coloured bra has a solar panel that can be worn around the stomach. The solar panel generates electricity using sunlight and thus, helps to distribute it to different electrical devices when connected to the power cable.

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The bra was revealed prior to the 2008 G8 Hokkaido Toyoko Summit that was to address environmental issues. We wonder when will this be open to the common public.

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